Who We Are

Tazkiyah International is an online institute dedicated to spreading authentic and correct Islamic knowledge to the ummah. We are a non sectarian, non political organisation, the core teachings of which are based on the Quran and Sunnah, researched from authentic and acclaimed sources. 

Our vision at the Institute is to enlighten the hearts of the multitude with the light of The Quran and teachings of Sunnah. Our mission is to strive to make this divine message reach all over the world.

Come join us in this mission. Let's enrich ourselves with the knowledge of Islam and thereby enrich the lives of others. Together we can make a difference.

About the Instructor

Farheen Shaikh is a proficient teacher of Islamic studies who has been in this field since 2003. She  graduated in Architecture from India where she was born and raised. 

Her quest for a deeper understanding of Islam led her to doing an intensive two-year tafseer program at Al Huda International in Dubai where she spent a large portion of her life. She then pursued further studies from various qualified teachers in the field of Tajweed, Grammar and Aqeedah. She specialises in teaching Tafseer of Quran primarily based on works of scholars like Ibn Katheer, Sheikh Saadi, and other authentic sources. She has also worked with the Government of Dubai in running classes for new muslims. Her unique ability of connecting the  teachings of the Quran with our day to day lives leaves a large impact on the hearts of many.  

She presently resides in the United Kingdom. She is pursuing her intensive study of the Arabic language and  is the chief instructor at the Tazkiyah International Institute.

Sponsor a Student

If you wish to contribute to sponsor a student, or for any other cause to support and spread this mission, please e-mail us with the precise amount you would like to contribute, and what you would like your contribution to be used for.

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