About the Course

In our effort to understand our deen, we must realise that this purpose can never be accomplished in totality until and unless we familiarise ourselves with the one person Allah sent as a role model and a Mercy to Mankind. The epitome of everything Islam teaches. How can we implement this beautiful deen into our lives without studying and understanding how our dear prophet Mohammed ﷺ  implemented it in his ?

This course takes you on a beautiful journey to know, love, understand, and emulate our dear Prophet ﷺ.  Its a heart changing and soul stirring journey that will engrave in your hearts forever a deeper respect, admiration, gratitude and awe for the one person who bore severe hardships only to ensure that this deen reached all of mankind with sincerity and truth.

Course Content

1) Seerah of the Prophet : Takes you through the events in the life of Rasool Allah ﷺ starting from the time of his birth till he breathed his last.

2) Hadith of the Day : Brings to you small yet important ahadith reflecting the teachings of Rasool Allah ﷺ  encompassing various etiquettes applicable to our daily routine.

There will be an evaluation at the end of the course for certification.

It is in short, a fun and refreshing course which is light, rejuvenating and heart warming. Come, join us on this beautiful journey. Lets all grow in emaan together.


Seerah: By Farheen Shaikh 

Hadith:  By Simeen Hussain

Course Details

  • Medium : Pre-recorded video lectures

  • Mode of study : Self-Paced

  • Number of lectures : 36 lectures per subject [Total : 72 lectures]

  • Duration of lectures : 2hrs [Seerah : 1hr 25 minutes , Hadith : 35 minutes]

  • Duration of Course : 12 months [Students have on-demand access to all video lectures for a period of 12-months only]

  • Course fee : $50 One-time purchase for the entire course

  • Certification : Available upon completion of certification criteria, at an additional cost of 25$

  • Doubts and Queries : Students will be added to a WhatsApp group which will be opened once a week for clearing any doubts and answering queries

Certification Criteria

In order to acquire a certificate the student must :

1. Complete the prerequisite of hearing all lectures.

2. Pass the evaluation test, which can be accessed upon completion of hearing all the lectures, with a minimum of 85% marks. ( There will be a seperate test for Seerah and for Hadith )

3. Acquire these marks within 2 attempts. Any further attempts will not be considered for certification.

Once these criteria have been met then the student can apply for a certificate at the additional cost of 25$.

A special discount is available for students of Know Your Prophet (KYP) batch 2020. This is a limited offer. To avail this , email at tazkiyahassist@gmail.com.

For any queries please email us at tazkiyahassist@gmail.com.

If you are a serious and committed student but need financial assistance to do this course, then please email us explaining your circumstances at tazkiyahintl@gmail.com.